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 It has been a mere two decades since the swords of men last clashed with such intensity. Those who once spilled the blood of the innocent now live in peace, not wishing to ever return to days as dark as those that have passed. The conflict was a great and terrible one - to most that reside in the now peaceful lands of Namenlos, this is a satisfactory explanation. Their homelands are now restored to stability and are beginning to grow back into what is at least a convincing shadow of what was once there. But convincing to whom?

Born in 45C, five years prior to the final laying down of weapons, you are a child of your time. In the Conflict, people learned where their trust was well placed and how to gain that of others. They learned that looks can be deceiving and that one should never place trust in something which is not entirely visible. However, in this quest for trust, they neglected to chronicle the events that unfolded around them, leaving a trail of inconsistencies and doubt.

Many are satisfied to leave this be. They want no part in that of old. That of old, however, is a part of you, a part which is conspicuous in its absence. Not one to make do with half-truths, you dare to challenge the preconceptions about that which has gone before you. Staring into the rippling waters of time itself, you seek to fill the factual chasms that reside in the Chronicles of Namenlos. Staring back at you, ready to be pieced together, is your Fragmented Reflection.